May 17. The Inward Mind and Heart. 

Read Psalm 64:1-6.  1Hear my voice, O God, in my complaint; preserve my life from dread of the enemy. 2Hide me from the secret plots of the wicked, from the throng of evildoers, 3who whet their tongues like swords, who aim bitter words like arrows, 4shooting from ambush at the blameless, shooting at him suddenly and without fear. 5They hold fast to their evil purpose; they talk of laying snares secretly, thinking, “Who can see them?” 6They search out injustice, saying, “We have accomplished a diligent search.” For the inward mind and heart of a man are deep.

Here David’s enemies take center stage illuminating for us the minds, and methods of the wicked. They not only scheme and plot, but they do so against the blameless. Their words are their weapons. Lies, rumors, gossip. They are self-deceived, believing that they have avoided consequence for their injustice. Truly their sin runs deep, deep as the well that is their mind and heart.

The truth is that apart from Christ we all have this same wickedness in the deep inward mind and heart. But praise God for the new heart and the renewed mind that is ours in and through Jesus’ indwelling life. Now it is in the deepest parts of the soul that we find faith and rely solely on grace. No longer do we dread the enemy, even the enemy of ourselves.

To live is Christ is to have the deepest parts of the soul renewed by him. Now the mind and heart of the Spirit search out righteousness and love, not injustice and evil.

Prayer. Jesus, no condemnation now I dread. I am yours and you are mine. Amen.

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