TLIC Psalms. February 14. The Friendship of the Lord.

Read Psalm 25:8-14. 8Good and upright is the Lord; therefore he instructs sinners in the way. 9He leads the humble in what is right, and teaches the humble his way. 10All the paths of the Lord are steadfast love and faithfulness, for those who keep his covenant and his testimonies. 11For your name’s sake, O Lord, pardon my guilt, for it is great. 12Who is the man who fears the Lord? Him will he instruct in the way that he should choose. 13His soul shall abide in well-being, and his offspring shall inherit the land. 14The friendship of the Lord is for those who fear him, and he makes known to them his covenant.

The guidance of God in David’s life is moving him from sinner to pupil to friend. Even though David is the king, he knows that he is unworthy. He knows he must remain humble and acknowledges that he is merely a sinner chosen by grace. God’s pardoning of his guilt is not deserved in any way, but is simply for the name’s sake of the glory God. It is this expiation of sin that produces the fear of the Lord, a reverence for God that moves the king from sinner to student, instructed in the way he should choose. And not only a student but a friend. The friend of God whose soul lives securely within God’s covenant love and faithfulness.

Can you see the parallel between David’s relationship with God and the Christian life? We too come to Christ as humble sinners, poor and needy. Jesus pardons our guilt for his name’s sake when we trust in him. Jesus enters into a covenant with us becoming not only our teacher but our friend. By the Spirit of Christ, we are led on paths of steadfast love and faithfulness, and instructed in the way of love. When Christ abides in us and us in him, our soul abides in well-being. Both now and forever more.

To live is Christ is to be the friend of the Trinity. Everything God allows into our life will prove to be the loving and faithful work of our True Friend for our well-being.  

Prayer. Jesus, you are my savior, my teacher, my best friend. Guide me in the paths of your new covenant love and mercy today. Amen.


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