August 1, 2020: Day 214: Yes in him.

“To live is Christ” means we are the living embodiment of God’s great big YES. All of his promises are fulfilled in Christ and now in us. How do we know? Because he has anointed and sealed us with himself, the Spirit, by the indwelling life of Christ. God has preserved us for future glory. Now we can say yes to God. Yes to serving. Yes to sacrifice. Yes to love.

May 28, 2020. Day 149: Another Helper.

“To live is Christ” is to have the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, ministering the death and resurrection of Christ to my life. To be filled with the Spirit is to be filled with the life of the Lord Jesus Christ as a seed. He IS at work in us, Christian. And he is not waiting passively for us to meet a series of conditions before he begins his work. In fact, the work is already finished. We are fully alive in Christ. Fully justified. Fully sanctified. Fully glorified. Now the finished work of Christ is the ongoing work of the Spirit in us. By the Spirit, his death IS our life. And our dying is now our living.

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