TLIC Psalms. January 25. Satisfied.

Read Psalm 17:10-15. 10They close their hearts to pity; with their mouths they speak arrogantly. 11They have now surrounded our steps; they set their eyes to cast us to the ground. 12He is like a lion eager to tear, as a young lion lurking in ambush. 13Arise, O Lord! Confront him, subdue him! Deliver my soul from the wicked by your sword, 14from men by your hand, O Lord, from men of the world whose portion is in this life. You fill their womb with treasure; they are satisfied with children, and they leave their abundance to their infants. 15As for me, I shall behold your face in righteousness; when I awake, I shall be satisfied with your likeness.

Again, like we did yesterday, let’s put these words into the mouth of our Savior. Let’s see Jesus surrounded by those who desire to tear him apart. Arrogant men without pity will nail him to the cross. Jesus died without treasure and without child. By the world’s standard he died a complete failure.

Of course, on that day of days, Jesus would not be delivered from the wicked. The great enemy of Christ would not be confronted and subdued, at least not in the way we might expect. The sword of God stayed in its sheath. The roaring lion had his way with Jesus.

Why? So that we might be able to say with David these words – As for me, I shall behold your face in righteousness; when I awake, I shall be satisfied with your likeness.

This is life’s ultimate reward. Not treasure. Not an earthly legacy. But waking up in the presence of God. Seeing his face. Being satisfied with his likeness.

1 John 3:2. We know that when he appears we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is.

To live is Christ is to grab hold of the hope of not only seeing God in Christ, but also being like God in Christ. A hope we can begin to realize even today.

Prayer. Jesus, your soul was not delivered on that day so that my soul might be on the final day. Help me to behold your face that I may be satisfied with your likeness until the day I wake up in your arms.


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