TLIC 2022.

Dear TLIC blog readers,

Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement for TLIC blog! Once again we have faced a challenging year and by the grace of our connection to Jesus we have made it through together. Hopefully this blog brought a little bit of hope and peace to your year.

Much of this year was spent tweaking our TLIC Daily blog providing a daily devotional that takes the reader from Genesis to Revelation all while always pointing to our union with Christ. Our goal for the end of 2022 is to be able to publish TLIC Daily as a book.

This past year we also launched TLIC Family, our daily devotional blog for families with children. TLIC Family saw over 5000 views in 2021. That’s 5000 times that a family was able to read and talk about the good news of Jesus together.

In 2022 we will continue to post our TLIC Daily (complete with daily playlists) and our TLIC Family blogs. If you are new to TLIC this is a chance to start from the beginning. And if you have been with us all along it will be a great review of the glorious truths of our union with Christ.

Another goal for this upcoming year is to look at ways to improve our website and add access to even more content. TLIC currently has over 1000 posts in our archives that we will continue to tweak and seek to publish. We also hope to create all new content including new devotional series and Bible study/discipleship materials.

Remember, our hope is not in the year changing. In fact, our circumstances may not change much at all this new year, they may even get harder. But in Christ we are being changed. Transformed into his likeness. May this be our hope and peace for 2022.

God bless,

Pastor Brady Wolcott

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