June 1, 2020. Day 153: He will guide you by means of the truth.

John 16:7. Nevertheless, I tell you the truth: it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you. But if I go, I will send him to you.

We can only imagine the confusion and heartache Jesus’ words must have caused as he walked with his disciples from the vineyard to the garden. “It is good for me to go away.” But wouldn’t their lives be better if Jesus stayed with them? Haven’t we all thought this? Haven’t we all wished we could have lived as the disciples did, eating and drinking with Jesus, camping with him, learning from his words, listening to his sermons? I know that many times I’ve thought that if Jesus was with me physically, I would never sin again.

But Jesus says that we are better off if he goes away. He says that having the invisible Spirit Helper is better. But how? How could that be better than having Jesus with us physically?

John 16:13. When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth,

Truth has been humanity’s quest from the beginning. It’s why we ate from the Tree of Knowledge. Truth is the foundation of all good things. Without truth there is no faith, no hope, no love, no freedom. We all just want to know the truth don’t we? What really happened on that street corner? What really causes a pandemic? Why did that person I loved leave me? And on a deeper level, what is real? What is good? What is eternal? Truth is good, but the quest for truth can be dicey. Where will we find the answers to life’s questions? Where will we find the truth? Can we find the truth? Will we, like Pilate at Jesus’ trial, skeptically ask, “What is truth?” And then wash our hands of reality.

Jesus claim is that he IS truth (John 14:6). And when the Spirit of Truth comes he will guide you into all Truth. Or this could be better translated as, “he will guide you by means of the truth.” The indwelling Spirit of Truth has placed into us the truth of Jesus Christ and his life. And his salvation is our guide. We are not guided by a philosophy, or a manifesto, or a decree. We aren’t liberated by speaking our own personal truth. We are led by the Spirit as he applies the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ to our hearts.

Have you ever looked closely at the To Live is Christ logo?

There are five icons representing the incarnation, life, death, resurrection, and glorification of Jesus. Each an historically true event. But beyond this, each shows us how Jesus IS the truth.

Jesus’ incarnation truly happened and it IS truth. God truly is with us. His truth is fully revealed and fully receivable.

Jesus’ perfect yet sorrowful life truly happened and it IS truth. Perfection is real. Righteousness is real. Suffering is real too. But it has a real purpose. We rest now in the truth of his imputed righteousness and share in his suffering as it works his righteousness in us.

Jesus’ death truly happened and it IS truth. The death of evil the true purpose of suffering. Our union with his death has truly destroyed the power of sin in us. His real forgiveness is now ours.

Jesus’ resurrection truly happened and it IS truth. Eternal life and goodness are real. Love is real and it can conquer death. We are alive in this reality – God’s love is true and it will win in the end.

Jesus’ glorification truly happened and it IS truth. Glory is real. Joy is real. Peace is real. Life in the presence of God truly awaits all who trust in Christ. The truth is our future is our present.

The key to living by the indwelling life of Christ, is to apply the truth of Jesus’ life (Incarnation, Perfect Life and Suffering, Death, Resurrection, Glorification) to our lives; to see our lives unified to and abiding in his historic life. We’ve got to keep going back to these truths or we won’t make any progress in the Christian life. It will be a “Christian life” without Christ. A Christ-less Christianity. The self-salvation of following a physical Jesus, rather than the true salvation of receiving Jesus by the Spirit into your spirit.

“To live is Christ” is possible because of the ministry of the Holy Spirit to your life. The application of the truth of Jesus. His incarnation, life, death, resurrection, and glorification each declared over and over again to your heart.

John 16:14. He will glorify me, for he will take what is mine and declare it to you.


Is your truth Jesus? Or is it something else?

You in Christ

All truth is found in Christ. How can this bring humility, graciousness, and freedom to your heart today?

Christ in you

How can the truth of Christ personally guide you today?

Playlist: Songs of the Truth.

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