September 10, 2019. Intro to Exodus: Brought Out to be Brought Back In.

To Live is Christ blog is all about our union with Christ and how we can live from the indwelling life of Christ each and every day.

You may be thinking “OK but what does Exodus have to do with that?”

Here’s the answer: Exodus is a book about our faithful, promise keeping God. A God who rescued his covenant people from bondage and then brought them into his family so that they could love and serve him like image bearing children are supposed to.

Sound familiar?

Exactly, that’s what life in Christ is all about too. That’s what the whole Bible is about. It’s what God’s whole redemption story is about.

The theme of Exodus: We are brought out to be brought back in.

Exodus means exit or departure. But the book of Exodus is about much more than just leaving. It’s also about entering. Entering into the promises of God and into his presence more deeply. In the book of Exodus we all love the stories of the 10 plagues and the Red Sea and even Moses getting the 10 Commandments. And that’s where all the movies end.

But that’s only the beginning. Next comes a group of people learning to be human again. To no longer live as slaves of Pharaoh, but in their freedom to live as slaves of God.

The theme of Exodus is the theme of To Live is Christ. Exodus serves as a an example for us who are in Christ. We have been rescued, redeemed, and established in Christ. But we are wandering now. Tabernacling. Moving in a land that is not our final destination. And along the way we must learn to follow the presence of God. For them it was a cloud. For us it is the Spirit of Christ guiding us more deeply into the fullness of Jesus and his indwelling love and life.

“To live is Christ” is to be brought out so that we can be brought back in. Into the life of God through the indwelling life of Christ.

Will you join us over the next several days (weeks?) as we explore this amazing story of freedom, life, and worship? The story of our Exodus!


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