TLIC Daily. day 242. August 30: Put to death the deeds of the body.

“To live is Christ” is not the end of morality. It’s the beginning. The indwelling life of Christ has given us the knowledge of good and evil through the shared life of Christ. We have, through grace, what we tried to earn in the Garden through effort. The Garden left humanity with knowledge but no life. In Christ, we have his life and his knowledge. We have his love and we know how to use it. The daily question is “will we?”

TLIC Daily. Day 225. August 13: Take every thought captive.

“To live is Christ” removes the need for this pride filled and fleshly thinking, this form of law, by making us perfectly righteous right now, while at the same time reminding us that we are also completely sinful right now. Therefore, the Christian life is not about the pride filled journey of getting better and better. It is about the never ending need for grace. Grace that will ultimately make you like Jesus.

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