October 25, 2020. Day 299: Your life is hidden with Christ in God.

“To live is Christ” is to seek with all our hearts the love of the Father whose love first sought and found us. It is to cease looking inward and begin looking upward, the the throne of Christ. See him seated there at the right hand of God. Saving your seat. So sit down. Stay awhile. Set your mind on him. Continually contemplate the crucified, risen, and ascended Christ Jesus our Lord. It is only here that you will discover the true will of God – knowing Jesus. Loving him. Trusting him. Finding your life hidden with him in God.

October 6, 2020. Day 280: To die is gain.

When we can truly embrace the glory of dying, and fully trust that in the presence of Christ Jesus is the center of all that our hearts have always wanted – all love, joy, and peace. If and when we believe all of this more and more with all of our hearts, then we will be ready to live. We will be ready to embrace “to live is Christ.”

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