May 12, 2020. Day 133: Authority to execute judgment.

“To live is Christ” means that Jesus as our judge is good news! In him, our judgment day has already occurred. We have already passed through the fires of judgment day in our dying with him on the cross. And, in him, we have already passed from death into life by our resurrection with him. Now, in Christ’s eternal forgiveness, we can live free from the fear of all judgment. And we can live free from the need to judge all others. Jesus is the judge. Not you. Not me. And that too is good news.

April 9, 2020. Day 100: The day of the Lord.

“To live is Christ” means the Spirit of the great Prophet, Jesus, is now prophesying through us as we speak the gospel to all we meet in this valley of decision. God’s message of love and light displayed on the cross on the day of the Lord, is now the only message that can save this world from the gloom and darkness of the day of the Lord that is to come.

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