TLIC Psalms. January 9. Refuge.

Read Psalm 7:1-5. 1O Lord my God, in you do I take refuge; save me from all my pursuers and deliver me, 2lest like a lion they tear my soul apart, rending it in pieces, with none to deliver. 3O Lord my God, if I have done this, if there is wrong in my hands, 4if I have repaid my friend with evil or plundered my enemy without cause, 5let the enemy pursue my soul and overtake it, and let him trample my life to the ground and lay my glory in the dust.

David’s enemies are accusing him of some pretty treacherous behavior. But David is declaring his innocence before God – if I have…if there is wrong…if I have. David already has God’s salvation, his refuge, but now he wants God’s justice too. He wants God himself to be the judge and jury, not people. He knows that if God tries the case he will be acquitted of all charges.

We tend to get this backwards don’t we? When people slander our name, accusing us of wrongdoing we rarely take the case to God trusting him to make things right. Rather we try to defend ourselves before the court of public opinion. We strike back. We counter sue. We argue our case.

In Christ we have the refuge we need, regardless of what others say about us, or accuse us of. When Satan stands before God accusing us, pointing out our filthy garments, it is Jesus who stands in our defense, robing us in his righteousness (see Zechariah 3:1-5). It is Christ, our propitiation, that silences the Devil and declares a better word over us. Jesus, our judge and jury, always takes our case.

To live is Christ means no more fear of what man may do to us (or say about us). Jesus is our refuge of peace that allows us to receive criticism and look at it honestly, without defending, and without condemnation.

Pray. Jesus, you are my refuge in the storm of gossip, slander, and criticism that often accuses me unfairly. But when the accusations are true, strengthen me to respond from your grace.


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