John 1:1. In the beginning was the Word…

Words are powerful aren’t they? Words bring ideas to life. Words launch revolutions. Words set prisoners free. Words destroy and words build up. Words reveal the heart of the one speaking them. They reveal the inner thoughts. I don’t know what you’re thinking until you speak it out loud.

What words do you listen to as your source of motivation or guidance? Where do you turn for words of encouragement? Where does your daily dose of power come from? What words have changed the course of your life?

The word Shazam changes everything.

The word of God is the most powerful word in the universe. Why? Because God’s words reveal God himself. We can know the heart and mind of God because we have heard the words of God. All throughout human history God has spoken. At creation God spoke everything into being by his word. Clearly this reveals the immense power of God. Who else can speak things into existence from nothing? But it also reveals the character of God to us. His words reveal who he is.

Three simple words at creation like “let there be” reveal not only the power of God, but also the love, compassion, and benevolence of God. Words like “thou shalt not” reveal the transcendent holiness of God.

The Bible is God’s spoken (and then written) word revealing this loving and holy God to us so as to transform us into his likeness. God’s word of law and his word of grace combine to expose our sin and then conform us to his love. This is the purpose of every jot and tittle of scripture – our sanctification. The word of the Father reveals the attributes of his character so as to create those same attributes in us, his children.

But the radical, and even audacious, declaration here in the beginning of John’s gospel is that Jesus IS the Word. He is not only the speaker of God’s truth; he IS God’s truth. He not only communicates God’s wisdom to us; he IS God’s wisdom. He doesn’t just speak God’s word; he IS God’s Word.

Christian, do you want to know God? Then know him through the Word, Jesus Christ. Everything about God is revealed in Christ. Every thought, imagination, idea, and desire of God is made known in Christ the living Word. He makes the invisible God visible. The unknowable God knowable. All knowledge of God is revealed in the person of Jesus.

Christian, do you want to know Christ? Then read God’s word. Every word ever spoken by God reveals Christ. From Genesis to Revelation. Every prophecy and every poem. Every song and every story. Every word of law and every word of grace. Jesus is the personification of all God’s thoughts. The manifestation of all his ideas. The fulfillment of all his promises. His living law. His greatest gospel.

But Christian also know this, that in Christ we not only have the written word, we have the life giving power of the Living Word. If we are united to Christ in spirit, then all the life changing power of God’s word, all meaning, all love, all holiness is ours. It is IN us as breath itself. It is the life giving power of the Spirit of God poured into us. Not a word from outside of us that tells us what we CAN BE. But the Word alive inside of us that tells us what we ARE. The received internal and eternal living Word of power that simply declares to us, “to live is Christ.”


What words are you listening to? How are they impacting you?

You in Christ

In Christ the living word (power) of God is in you. How can this assurance change you?

Christ in you

How can you let the power of the Word of God flow out of you today?


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