Nehemiah 8:9-12. And Nehemiah, who was the governor, and Ezra the priest and scribe, and the Levites who taught the people said to all the people, “This day is holy to the Lord your God; do not mourn or weep.” For all the people wept as they heard the words of the Law. 10 Then he said to them, “Go your way. Eat the fat and drink sweet wine and send portions to anyone who has nothing ready, for this day is holy to our Lord. And do not be grieved, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” 11 So the Levites calmed all the people, saying, “Be quiet, for this day is holy; do not be grieved.” 12 And all the people went their way to eat and drink and to send portions and to make great rejoicing, because they had understood the words that were declared to them.

Do you believe that God wants you to be happy? That more than anything God wants you to enjoy him? Sometimes I think Christians believe they’re not allowed to be happy. And so they try to piously distinguish between joy and happiness. “Joy is not an emotion, it’s a state of being.” “Joy is a deep contentment, but happiness if frivolous and fleeting.”

In Nehemiah 8, as the people are gathered at the wall in Jerusalem to hear the reading of the Law of God, they begin to cry – For all the people wept as they heard the words of the Law. They are grieved knowing that they have fallen short of what is required of them. They haven’t worshiped God as he intended, or loved him with their whole hearts. The Law reveals their failures. And so they weep.

This is the job of the Law – to produce grief in our hearts. Law can only point out our failings. It can only reveal our weakness. Law (God’s or our own) can never produce true lasting joy.

But too often we think it can.

Have you ever thought “I’ll be happy when ____”? We think this way because we wrongly believe that we will find happiness when we achieve. When we reach a goal. When we overcome a weakness. When we finally live up to a standard. We believe that strength produces joy. But God says the exact opposite – that joy produces strength.

Chris’s strength produces his “happyness.” But is there a happiness that produces strength?

Christian, this is life changing. If your joy doesn’t come from strength, then you can be happy even when you’re weak. You can find joy even when you’ve fallen short. This means happiness is not something you must pursue or achieve (sorry Thomas Jefferson). And neither joy nor happiness is something you have to wait for until your circumstances change. You can be happy right now. You can experience joy on any given day.

How? Because the joy of the LORD is your strength.

Our covenant God, the LORD, has covered over every one of our failures with his own holiness, given to us in Christ. You see, the same holiness of God that produces our grief over sin also produces our happiness over grace – for this day is holy to our Lord. And do not be grieved.

Nehemiah then sends the people home to celebrate with great rejoicing!

Joy is now an act of faith. It is believing that we are holy – forgiven, free, innocent, and cleansed. And it is this joy found in trusting God’s grace that produces strength in our lives. No fear of failing or falling. Just the joy of the Lord’s grace propelling us forward each day in the strength of his love.

“To live is Christ” has brought us into the joy of the Lord. Yes, weep over your sin, this is right and good. But then rejoice over your Savior, for he rejoices over you. Let your mourning be turned to dancing and your sorrow to gladness. Let your cross become your resurrection. Let the imputed holiness of Christ cause you to delight in him. Let his gracious gifts make you happy (it’s okay, you’re allowed), and find your strength in the joy of the Lord.


Are you happy? Why or why not?

You in Christ

How can knowing you are in Christ give you joy even in the trials and temptations of life?

Christ in you

Where can the joy of the LORD give you strength today?


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