January 7, 2020. Day 7: To work it and keep it.

Genesis 2:15. The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.

Have you ever seen a police car with the words “to serve and protect” on the side? It’s the motto of many police forces around the country. And it’s straight out of the Bible.

Image result for police motto to serve and protect

To understand the life that Jesus is restoring to us today we have been travelling back to the beginning of life in the garden. In Eden, God planted a garden paradise full of beauty and wonder. But there’s more to this garden than meets the eye. Many biblical scholars see the garden of Eden as the earthly manifestation of God’s heavenly throne room. The place where heaven meets earth and God meets man.

Genesis 3:8. And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool (wind or Spirit) of the day…

This is where we belong. With God. In his garden. In his presence. In his temple. This garden temple is where God put the man.

Put. To set down gently. To rest. God placed the man into the garden like a mother laying her baby in a crib. Our existence begins with rest. The internal rest that comes from intimacy with God and impact from God. From having a purpose. God rested us in his garden temple, and then he gave us two jobs: work it and keep it. Serve and Protect.

Work it: The Hebrew word is abad. To serve. To do work. (Interestingly this is the Hebrew word for both slavery and worship.)

Keep it: The Hebrew word is shamar. To protect. To guard. To keep watch.

Adam and Eve were gently rested in the garden of God and then given the most important of work: serve and protect this garden. Today this might make them police officers. But in the Bible it made them priests.


Yes, priests. Abad and shamar are words used to describe the work that the priests will do in God’s tabernacle/temple. Here’s one example.

Numbers 3:8. [The priests] shall guard [shamar] all the furnishings of the tent of meeting, and keep guard over the people of Israel as they minister [abad] at the tabernacle.

Most importantly priests served God by serving and protecting the people. That’s what priests do. That’s what image bearers do. That’s what Adam and Eve failed to do. They served themselves rather than God and each other. They failed to protect the garden and each other from evil. Just one generation later their son, Cain, a “tiller (abad) of the ground” will murder his brother and when confronted by God will cry out “Am I my brother’s keeper (shamar)?”

Yes, you are. We all are.

Jesus Christ came to earth to fulfill Genesis 2:15. He was put on earth by God. He was gently rested into the womb of Mary. But Jesus wasn’t placed into a garden paradise. He was placed into a formless and void wilderness desperately in need of re-creation. A new creation that starts with Christ in us.

“To live is Christ” means Christ has come into the formlessness and emptiness of our lives. He has come to be the priest of our garden heart. To work and keep it by his life changing love. To be his brother’s keeper by being his brother’s servant. To walk with us in our garden hearts in the cool breezes of the Spirit. To restore our priesthood of serving and protecting by his eternal grace and love.


Do you see yourself as a priest in God’s temple? Why or why not?

You in Christ

How would knowing that you are being eternally served and protected by Christ change how you live today?

Christ in you

Who in your life is in need of Christ’s service and protection through your priesthood?


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