March 9-10. Romans 11:36. All Glory Be To Christ: A Meditation.

Romans 11:36. For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen.

This doxology is life. It answers all of life’s questions. All its mysteries. All its confusion and uncertainty. All is answered by the glory of God in Christ and his cross.

From him

All in creation is from Christ. From solar systems to seeds, he is the creator of it all. He is the first cause.

From him we have eternal life, zoe life. By our death with Christ the fountain of Christ’s life flows from him to us. All that is good in us – all kindness, grace, love, compassion, joy, and peace – is from him.

Through him

Every square inch of creation is sustained through him. Everything that happens in time and space is transformed through him for the good.

Through union with Christ we live, through union with Christ he lives through us. Anything from us that is good, true, right, or worthy is only possible through him. Through the power of his death and resurrection we truly live – dying and rising, sorrowing and rejoicing, giving and receiving.

To him

To him belongs all things. Christ is the goal of all history. Everything points to him. All righteousness and justice finds its completion in him. Every knee will bow to him.

Christ is our end. Our meaning. Our purpose. Our fulfillment. The journey to him is the journey of the cross that leads to his likeness – our eternal glory, our resurrection, our reward, our rest.

Be glory

The meaning of our life is the glory of God. We exist for God’s glory alone. And may it always be, even in these darkest of days. For if we lose sight of the glory of God we would become as satan – a creature that demands to be the creator. Our only hope is to find our glory in the cross of Christ. In submission to the Father’s good will. In living to die to self. In rising to live for him.

This doxology is life – To him be glory forever, amen.

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