November 18: Considering Part 4: Alive to God.

Romans 6:11. So you also must consider yourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus.

Praise God that this scripture does not end at consider yourself dead to sin. Praise God that it takes us further into considering ourselves alive to God.

We are no good if we are left dead. New life is a necessity. And, like our death, our new life is an objective fact. Did Christ rise from the dead? Then so did we. We are complete in Christ. New creations in Christ. Seated in the heavenly places in Christ. Our spiritual resurrection is not something we are waiting for. It has already happened.

Being dead to sin alone is not enough. Without new life you are not able to live forever with God in the New Creation. You must first be the New Creation yourself. The cross got rid of the old you. But the resurrection brings in the new you. The cross destroyed what God cannot stand. The resurrection brought to life all that God desires (Nee). Union with Christ’s resurrection gives you a new nature. Not just a new morality, or new behavior. These alone are never enough. Getting better will not save you. Only death and resurrection will.

This is why the most moral of persons, if they are still in the flesh and not in the Spirit, will not see eternal life. It was never about morality. In fact, a knowledge of good and evil was not God’s intention for us apart from first a gracious reception of eternal life. The knowledge of good and evil only does us good when we first admit that we are in need of the grace of God. Without this grace the morality of the Tree of Knowledge is only a curse. A way to control. A way to reject God. This is why God must make us new, not just because we are very bad, but because we are also very good.

The truth is there is only one “good Christian” in the world. Only one moral man. Only one who actually produces fruit. His name is Jesus. And his life has been grafted into yours so that anything good that comes out of you is because of his new life implanted in you.

Does this new life, being alive to God, leave me passive? Doing nothing? Just believing? Yes and no is the answer.

To live within our new resurrection life is to live a life of rest. Jesus called it abiding. “Apart from me you can do nothing,” he said. Considering ourselves alive to God is resting in that imputed righteousness. Resting in grace. Resting in the finality of the work of Christ. We are IN CHRIST. We have died.

But remember, union with Christ also means that CHRIST IS IN US. We are alive to God. And so we walk in newness of life.

Romans 6:4. We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.

To walk is to live. We are considering ourselves alive to God when we are living in full dependency upon Christ. What we “do” as Christians is primarily learning to rest. Learning to be dependent. Learning to trust the finished work. The results will be natural, for faith always is. It will become an impulse not an effort. It will be from the overflow, not from lack.

“To live is Christ” is both death and life. It is the way of suffering unto death for the flesh, and the way of a life lived for God and his glory by faith. A life of rest and dependency that overflows naturally in faithful love and service for others.

Why is it so important to not only consider ourselves dead to sin but also alive to God? How does our union with Christ allow us to trust in the blessings of the resurrection life of Christ in us?


  1. YES BRADY–To live is Christ….in other words- me being me–is Christ…for the me that I am, is He….for as He is so am I in this world….and as I am so is He is equally true…if I am one spirit with Him..and of course all believers are one spirit with Him…..then all that I am He has taken into Himself and all that He is I am– praise Jesus!!


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