July 28: We Are Living Proof.

1 Corinthians 15:58. Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.

This verse may seem a little anti-climactic after such a glorious chapter on the resurrection and eternal glorification of Christ (and us). Shouldn’t Paul have ended this section with something like “Therefore let us sit and glory in the amazing truth of our resurrection with Christ?” But Paul still needs to make the extremely important point for the Corinthians (and us): our everyday lives prove the past and future resurrection.

How do we know the resurrection will really happen? At the beginning of this chapter Paul looked back to the event itself and all the witnesses of Christ’s resurrection – Peter, the Twelve, 500 others, James and even Paul himself.

Now, at the end of the chapter, Paul looks at our present work of the Lord as the proof of the resurrection. How will the world know that the resurrection will happen? Because of the actual resurrection of Christ himself, AND because of the lives of believers each and every day. How do our lives prove that the resurrection is real? How are they a visual display of what is to come? Let’s consider three things the resurrection proves and how our lives also prove these same three things.

The proof of hope.

The resurrection of Christ proves that we have hope beyond this life. The hope of eternal goodness. The hope of a future. When we live steadfast, unmovable, and abounding in the work of the Lord lives, we prove to the world that this hope is real to us. Our daily hope proves that there is a resurrection yet to come. And this hope is convicting. Others will see us living in hope and ask us why. Hope then becomes the witness that enables the work of the Lord to continue.

The proof of life.

Christ’s resurrection proves that life can and will go on forever for those who are in Christ. Christ’s SAME life went on forever. We too will continue to live forever the same life we are living now (only much better). As we have seen in 1 Corinthians 15, there is a continuity to our life from here to eternity. When we choose to live steadfast, unmovable, and abounding lives we prove the truth of an eternal continuous life. If we don’t believe in the continuity of eternal life then go ahead and “eat and drink for tomorrow we die” (15:32). Our righteous living today proves that there will be an eternity of righteous living.

The proof of love.

Christ’s resurrection proves the eternal love of God, “for love is as strong as death” (Song 8:6). Love resurrected Jesus Christ from the grave. Now we who are in Christ know for sure that nothing can separate us from God’s love. As we live steadfast, unmovable lives that abound in the work of the Lord, we prove the ongoing love of Christ. The work of the Lord is to love others into the Kingdom of God. That work of love on our part proves that we will live forever beyond death.

We are the living proof of the resurrection. When we do the work of Christ each day, our lives prove the same three things the resurrection itself does: there really is eternal hope, life, and love. “To live is Christ” is to live in this hope, life, and love. Therefore, our ongoing daily lives are the proof of the resurrection. When someone meets you they are meeting an eternal being. They are experiencing the hope, life, and love of the resurrection through your life. So take heart Christian. Be steadfast. Be unmovable. Abound in the Lord’s work. Because nothing we do is pointless. Like Christ himself, it is eternal.

Have you considered that your life proves the resurrection (both Christ’s and yours yet to come)? Do you live in the hope, continuity of life, and love of the resurrection? What might look different in your life if you did? How does your union with Christ empower you to be steadfast and unmovable today?

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