April 11: The Love of Our Abba.

Galatians 4:6. And because you are sons, God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, crying, “Abba! Father!”

The Bible doesn’t talk about better or stronger relationships with God. It talks about the nature of our relationship with God. For example: God is our Abba, our Dad. And we are his child. A right view of our relationship with God is to see it as unchanging- that is, we always are dependent upon him, and he is always faithful. We are dependent upon grace. Without it we are nothing and have nothing. And so our relationship with God is not about it getting better and better, but rather, it is about a focus on the unchanging character of God (his grace) and our dependence upon him (his grace).

To what end? To be like him. Unlike in our culture where we joke and deny being like our dads, when it comes to our Abba our greatest desire is to image him just like our big brother does.

So what is the unchanging nature of our Abba?

Our Abba will always judge us worthy of his love even though we have done nothing to earn it.

Our Abba does everything he can (which is everything) to make sure that our mistakes get turned into something good.

Our Abba always models integrity for us. His love is no lie and it’s no joke.

Our Abba always reminds us that we are never hopeless in this world.

Our Abba is always there for us, any time of day or night.

Our Abba loves us way too much to let us get away with selfish and prideful choices.

Our Abba always reminds us that we belong to him.

Our Abba always has a place for us in his heart and in his home.

Our Abba continues to find his joy in us.

Our Abba longs to see us face to face and hear our voice.

Our Abba loves us as we are not as we should be.

“To live is Christ” makes the eternal God of love our Dad. The One who would go to any length for us. He fought the great cosmic war for us. He battled death itself for us. He fights for our hearts and for our joy every single day without ever giving up on us. Why? Because his desire is for us.

And here’s a little grace v. law in the context of fatherhood.

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