March 19: Some Thoughts On Union With Christ.

Recently I subscribed to a 21 day devotional entitled “Jesus Centered Life.” Of course I was intrigued because it kind of sounds like this blog’s title – “To Live Is Christ.” Each day I receive an email that tells me how to live a “Jesus centered life.” I’ve received an email for four days so far.

Here was day 2:

Day 2
Pause before starting something new and ask Jesus if he has an alternate idea or diversion. Listen and respond. Repeat all day.

And here was day 4 (today):

Day 4
Write out your to-do list. Now scratch everything off. Ask Jesus to tell you what to do next. Write down whatever comes to mind, even if it seems silly. Then do it.

So I’m not about trying to poo poo other blogs or devotionals…

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..but at the same time I think there is some great misunderstandings about what union with Christ actually means. A “Jesus centered life” is much different than union with Christ. Notice how on “day 2” we are being asked to hear Jesus from outside of us. If I am united with Christ, why would Jesus have a different idea than my idea?

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Now I know your answer- because we are sinful and have wrong ideas. Yes, this is true. But if that is true, why would I trust myself that the “voice” I hear from Jesus, isn’t my sinful voice masquerading as Jesus?

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Now look at “day 4.” I’m supposed to ask Jesus what to do next. But why would my original “to-do list” be worth dumping? Is it full of immoral and criminal activity? And more importantly, if I am united to Christ already, why would I need to have Jesus re-write my to-do list? Wouldn’t it already be good because I am already united to Christ in my thinking?

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And so far in 4 days of having a “Jesus centered life” every bit of advice has been completely separated from the Incarnation, Perfect Life, Death, Resurrection, and Glorification of the historic Jesus. Sure, maybe Jesus wants to re-write my to-do list, but don’t I already have all the information I need in the life of Jesus the Christ (the one in the Bible) to write a perfectly fine and Christ honoring to-do list for my day? What more information will Jesus tell me today, that he hasn’t already told me in his cross and resurrection, in his life and his word?

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Or do we really just want a Jesus who tells us what to do every day like a puppet master apart from faith in his life and death? Where is liberty and love? Where is the sanctification PROCESS. If I’m united to Christ (the historic Jesus, the one in the Bible), don’t I already have access to everything I need for life and godliness?

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These are the questions I’m asking every day. What questions are you asking about your union with Christ?

That is not the indwelling life of Christ.

This is a bit more like it (or at least just a fun song)…

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