February 23: Jesus, Our Example of Dependency, and Our Savior By His Dependency.

We’ve said that Jesus lived his human life for the divine life of the Spirit. But why? Why did Jesus incarnate and live a human life? He was eternal God. So why leave that behind and become a human?

The answer is of course to rescue humanity.

This is important: Jesus came to earth not just to model for us how to live life as a human. He came to live life as a human for us, in our place. This is how he would rescue us. To only live as a model for us would never rescue us. In fact, it would only create an even higher standard than the law, that we could never live up to.

Jesus as our example.

Yes, Jesus came to be our Savior, to do life for us, because we could never do it alone. But does this negate his example? No, in living as our Savior he becomes our example. But our example of what?

The answer to this is our example of how to be a human that images God.

Now we’re back to the Garden. Now we’re back to all the things we said about freedom, love, purpose, work, protecting, impact, intimacy, and desire, in the early entries of this blog. Jesus is showing us how to be a human worshipper of God, who lives from the Tree of Life, in order to master the Tree of Knowledge.

In a nutshell we are talking about dependency. We were meant to live dependent upon God- not independent of God. And that is exactly how Jesus lived his life as an incarnate human. In his eternal state, he has always been God, the second person of the Trinity, dependent on nothing. But as a man, he lived as we are all intended to live, dependent upon God for bios, psyche, and zoe. Dependent upon the Spirit for physical breath and spiritual breath.

Image result for dependency meme

Jesus our Savior.

But here’s the thing- Jesus is my Savior, and I have to live dependent upon him. Without him I fail every time, in everything, in every possible way. I rely on him for every aspect of life. And, he is also my example for how to live in dependence upon God, because he lived that way himself. He is both the God who demands my submission, and the God who lived in submission. He is the source of my life, and the object of my life. He is both the giver of divine life and the receiver of divine life. Jesus is our example of dependency, and our Savior by his dependency.

Here’s where we are headed- over the next few days we will see how Jesus lived dependent upon the Father and the Spirit. And then we will see how the Spirit gives us the life of Christ so that we too can live in humble dependency upon Christ. I hope that you will stay with me as we continue to work out these important truths that make “to live is Christ” possible.




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