January 19: A New Narrative

You are a living soul. You have a spirit and you have a body, but you are a soul. You are desire. Therefore you become what you love. You become what you worship.

Here’s an example:

Image result for super fan raiders

And this:

Image result for look like barbie

And how about this:

Image result for phone addiction

Yes, I know these are all extremes (or are they?), but somewhere deep inside we know this to be true, that whatever we find glorious, beautiful, empowering, or fulfilling we will worship and thus we will become. In the Bible this is called idolatry. An idol is something that both takes the place of God, and removes humanity from its place of imaging God. A thing, or status, or feeling, or relationship becomes the image of God to us, but it was never intended to carry that weight. And ultimately it will fail and leave you heart broken.

The Source of  Life

God is the source of true fulfilling, beauty, glory, and power. Through Christ, God has written a narrative for us that fulfills these desires and motivates our worship. This narrative is written in the pages of scripture and written in our image bearing souls. It’s a story that we all find to be glorious and beautiful- the story of unconditional love and self sacrifice.

The Signs of Life

The new life inside of us, Christ’s life, must be the power for a new life story.  A new narrative arc if you will. Is your life story something like “I shop therefore I am?” Or is it “I find love through flirting?” Or something else?

Christ brings us a new narrative. A new story to be a part of. A new social imaginary. A new way of seeing all of life. Because we are souls we will worship. And because we are souls filled with the life of Christ, we can worship God in and through Christ. We can love what he loves.

So what do you worship each day? What do you pursue? Are you pursuing the love of Christ? Are you listening to the story of God’s loving pursuit of you, or are you listening to the stories of false loves, and unsatisfied dreams?

As you ponder these questions, here’s the new narrative as told by Jimmy Needham. Enjoy.

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