January 15: Life is Desire

Back on January 11 I got ahead of myself and introduced the idea that we are living souls, but I hadn’t finished laying the foundation of imaging God through impact and intimacy. But today we are ready to pick up that discussion. Go back and read the January 11 post if you can, but here’s a summation: We have been given a body and a spirit from God, which together creates our soul. We ARE a soul.

Genesis 2:7. then the Lord God formed the man of the dust of the ground [body] and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life [spirit], and man became a living soul. 

The word “soul” is the Hebrew word nephesh. This word comes from the root word for throat. We are living throats. The throat is how we eat, drink, and breathe. It is how our physical desires are met.


The Source of Life

God is the source of life and he is the source of desire. God is a desiring God. He desires love, glory, honor, and respect. But remember, God is not just a giant cosmic egomaniac. He is a Trinity. So when we say God desires things like love and glory, he is thinking of the other members of the Trinity. The Father wants love and glory for the Son. The Spirit for the Son. The Son for the Father, etc.

elf 2

The Sign of Life

To be alive is to desire. We are desire. How do we know that we image God? Because we desire. How do we know that we are living from Christ’s life inside of us? Because our desires have changed. Our desires are the same as his.

Stay with me over the next couple of days as discover the importance of desire and its connection to “To live is Christ.”



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