January 12: Life is Intimacy

Oops…I got ahead of myself yesterday. We are not quite ready to get into what it means to be living souls.

First we need to finish talking about what it means to image God.

God is the source of all life. We image him. To image him is to have impact. To have impact is to work and keep (go back and read the previous posts for more on these two words).

To image God is not only IMPACT. It is also INTIMACY.

1 John 4:8. God is love.

God is an intimate community. His life is love. His life is communal. Why? Because he is a Trinity. The Father, Son, and Spirit live together in eternity in perfect intimacy and respect for one another. We could never say what John says above (God is love) if he were not a Trinity. If God were only one, he could not have loved much less BE love. But because he is Trinity he has loved and will love perfectly forever. In fact all intimacy flows from him, because without him there is no love.


So life is love. If “To live is Christ” and Christ came to restore real human life, that is, image bearing, then he must have come to restore love. He came to restore intimacy. He came to restore true community.

By the way, impact without intimacy is a dangerous thing. Intimacy without impact is simply a sentimental thing. Thank God Jesus gives us back both.



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