March 24, 2020. Day 84: They who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength.

“To live is Christ” offers to us the very strength of God. Christ’s tireless love lives in us. His unfainting grace is our power. The power to soar, to run or just to walk. The power that comes not by striving, but by resting, waiting, and hoping in God’s love for us. The power that comes by removing all of your unloving expectations from yourself and others, and placing them all on the all powerful, all knowing, all loving God of creation.

February 27, 2020. Day 58: The joy of the Lord is your strength.

“To live is Christ” has brought us into the joy of the LORD. Yes, weep over your sin, this is right and good. But then rejoice over your Savior, for he rejoices over you. Let your mourning be turned to dancing and your sorrow to gladness. Let your cross become your resurrection. Let the imputed holiness of Christ cause you to delight in him. Let his grace make you happy (it’s okay, you’re allowed), and find your strength in the joy of the Lord.