TLIC Daily. Day 188. July 7: Righteousness, Sanctification, and redemption.

“To live is Christ” is unlike any other religion on earth. It is all of Christ and all of his grace. He has freely given us his life and all that comes with it – wisdom, goodness, holiness, freedom. We have been given these things for free in order to freely be these things. Not to earn, not to achieve, not to boast, but to freely reflect the love and grace of God that came down from the mountain top to bring righteousness, sanctification, and redemption to a lost world.

November 24, 2020. Day 329: By means of his own blood.

This is the result of the Christ event – all who are in Christ are will live every day, forever, in the glory of Christ’s once-for-all-time redemption. We will live every day, forever, with a clear conscience, knowing we are freed from all the guilt of our dead works and freed unto all the true humanity of serving the living God. We will spend every day, forever, in “to live is Christ.”

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