TLIC Daily. Day 154. June 3: And the curtain was torn in two.

“To live is Christ” means access. It means no more separation. No closed doors. No veils. No curtains. No blockade to God’s love and grace. The only thing blocking your heart from his is you. So take your eyes off of yourself and cast them onto Christ and his new and living way that he opened for us through the curtain of his flesh. And then live like you’re actually in God’s presence today. Because you actually are.

June 14, 2020. Day 166: Times of refreshing.

“To live is Christ” is worth repenting for. Turning to God through faith in Jesus is the wisest choice a person could ever make. Only union with Christ offers this beautiful triple blessing – sins blotted out, the refreshing presence of God, and the restoration of all things. You won’t find these three graces anywhere else. So stop looking everywhere else and turn to back to Jesus.

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