TLIC Daily. Day 158. June 7: And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit.

“To live is Christ” is made possible by the indwelling Holy Spirit and the unending flow of Christ’s indwelling love, joy, and peace. The love, joy, and peace that surround our hearts when we trust that Jesus Christ has done it all in our place. The love, joy, and peace that propel our hearts forward into a decaying, broken, and sorrow filled world. And the love, joy, and peace that will tear down every wall of separation in the world when we allow him to fill the house with his presence.

October 29, 2020. Day 303: Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.

“To live is Christ” gives us the peace of Christ as the new rule of our hearts. Because peace had the final say on the cross of Christ, peace will always have the final say in your crucified life. When everything around us demands conflict, stress, and despair, the King of our hearts reminds us that everything is under his command. You’re not failing, you’re flourishing. You’re not alone, you’re in Christ. You’re never defeated, never without hope and forever loved.

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