TLIC Daily. Day 258. September 15: To unite all things in him.

One day everything else in the universe will also be brought to its fullest potential. It’s true self. Everything will function exactly how God intended for it to function. God’s just rule will be established everywhere. Christ will reign supreme. It’s coming. And “to live is Christ” is the first-fruits. What has happened to us will happen to the rest of the universe when Jesus returns for his children. O Glorious day!

TLIC Daily. Day 219. August 7: A new creation.

“To live is Christ” unites us to Christ as the future new creation right now. All the power of sin has been removed and all of our hopes have been realized by our union with Christ. The victory is won! And yet the battle of the new creation rages in each of us. The battle that can be won daily as we live by faith and trust in who and what we are in Christ.

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