August 13, 2020. Day 226: A new creation.

“To live is Christ” unites us to Christ as the future new creation right now. All of our sin is removed and all of our hopes are realized by our union with Christ. The victory is won! And yet the battle of the new creation rages in each of us. The battle that can be won daily as we live by faith and trust in who and what we are in Christ.

May 9, 2020. Day 130: Born again.

“To live is Christ” means that we have been much more than “born again.” We have been born from above. God’s life our life. Christ’s eternal love and holiness ours in him. God’s Spirit in us as the person of Jesus Christ. This is the glory that all of scripture and every promise of God has brought us to see- Christ on a cross, lifted up for us, so that his eternal life may be ours in him.

February 4, 2020. Day 35: Moses finished the work.

“To live is Christ” means that the de-creation and re-creation work of God in us is finished. We are the new creation. Right now! The glory of God has entered the tabernacle of God – our life. Knowing that we are God’s finished work, we can get to work serving and worshiping God from the freedom of “it is finished.” Now we can walk through the glorious cycle of de-creation and re-creation each day knowing that we are already God’s new creation in Christ.

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