TLIC Daily. Day 165. June 14: Taught by God to love.

“To live is Christ” tells us two important truths about our love. It is a brotherly love. It should feel normal and natural to love others, because love is born into us. And it is also being “taught to us” by God himself. The Holy Spirit. Christ in us. The Trinity’s love for one another teaching us what our love can and should look like in our churches, homes, communities, and beyond.

TLIC Daily. Day 158. June 7: And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit.

“To live is Christ” is made possible by the indwelling Holy Spirit and the unending flow of Christ’s indwelling love, joy, and peace. The love, joy, and peace that surround our hearts when we trust that Jesus Christ has done it all in our place. The love, joy, and peace that propel our hearts forward into a decaying, broken, and sorrow filled world. And the love, joy, and peace that will tear down every wall of separation in the world when we allow him to fill the house with his presence.

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