May 25, 2020. Day 146: You shall love.

“To live is Christ” means love for God and love for neighbor now has a power source. The indwelling love of Jesus that fills us with all of his self-giving love so that we may now go out in the knowledge and faith in that same self-giving love and then love one another. Now our duty is our delight. The command is our comfort. The more we know how much we are loved by God, the more we can’t wait to love God and love neighbor from the pure heart that our Love has poured into us.

February 10, 2020. Day 41: Love the Lord your God.

“To live is Christ” means God has poured his unconditional and eternal love into our hearts by pouring Christ’s sacrificial life into our hearts. When we know and trust that we are loved infinitely we are transformed into the lovers that God seeks. Not just obeyers, but wholehearted lovers. Lovers that find the meaning of our lives in loving God with everything that we are and everything that are becoming.