TLIC Daily. Day 153. June 2: It is finished.

“To live is Christ” means there is nothing left for God to do. No greater work than the work already accomplished by your union with the cross. No further blessing than the blessing of Christ’s death. Nothing else to trust in, look for, commit to, or figure out. No gift, no sacrifice, no effort, no deed can add to the finished work of the cross of Christ. By the cross we stand justified, sanctified, glorified NOW. Our future is today. Our living is the cross of Christ. And our dying is gain.

February 4, 2020. Day 35: Moses finished the work.

“To live is Christ” means that the de-creation and re-creation work of God in us is finished. We are the new creation. Right now! The glory of God has entered the tabernacle of God – our life. Knowing that we are God’s finished work, we can get to work serving and worshiping God from the freedom of “it is finished.” Now we can walk through the glorious cycle of de-creation and re-creation each day knowing that we are already God’s new creation in Christ.