TLIC Daily. Day 183. July 2: Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh.

“To live is Christ” means your old sin nature is dead and gone, and yet the remaining selfish flesh inside of you is still hanging on the cross. Today and every day we must continue crucifying the flesh and its selfish desires. Not by focusing on the desires of the flesh, but by keeping in step with the desires of the Spirit. The desire for Christ and the desires of Christ that now flow out of our grace filled lives as we live by faith.

TLIC Daily. Day 180. June 29: For freedom Christ has set us free.

“To live is Christ” offers us this same true freedom. Not a freedom that we have fought for and won by our own power. Not a freedom that we must hold on to and never give up. But a freedom given to us by grace alone. A freedom that allows us to, like Christ, give up our freedom for the cause of love. A freedom that allows us to fight for reconciliation, peace, and justice. A freedom from Christ’s love that allows us to serve one another through love.

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