TLIC Daily. Day 70. March 11: He does not deal with us according to our sins.

“To live is Christ” means that by faith in the death of Christ every individual sin has been dealt with forever. And by our union with Christ, God’s indwelling infinite love and forgiveness remove the indwelling force of sin in our hearts little by little, as we deal with God, not according to our sins, but according to his grace that has already dealt with all our sins.

June 14, 2020. Day 166: Times of refreshing.

“To live is Christ” is worth repenting for. Turning to God through faith in Jesus is the wisest choice a person could ever make. Only union with Christ offers this beautiful triple blessing – sins blotted out, the refreshing presence of God, and the restoration of all things. You won’t find these three graces anywhere else. So stop looking everywhere else and turn to back to Jesus.

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