June 8, 2020. Day 160: He has risen, as he said.

“To live is Christ” is not only a union with Christ’s spiritual existence forever (which it is). It is a union with Christ’s bodily, physical existence forever. May this hope of the glorious renewal of all things sustain and empower us as we live through days of pain and loss, hopelessness and hurt, until that day when we too will walk out of our graves into the presence of the Son. Until then do not be afraid.

April 21, 2020. Day 112: In him was life.

“To live is Christ” means that Jesus is far more than our example for how to live. He IS our life. We are made alive by our union with his life and we live from our union with his life. This is abundant life, for it is the life of grace and freedom. No longer must we figure life out. No longer must we self-actualize. No. Life has been lived for us by Jesus, and now it is lived through us by Jesus. And together with Jesus we will live in love forever.

March 18, 2020. Day 78: He has put eternity into man’s heart.

“To live is Christ” has transformed our mortality into immortality, and our meaninglessness into ultimate meaning – eternal life, eternal joy, eternal love and goodness. Because of Christ’s completed work in us, life is no longer pointless busyness, nor is it finding comfort in temporal pleasures. It is eternity in our hearts allowing us to be joyful and do good, even in the face of any season (a time to live and a time to die) that tomorrow may throw at us.