TLIC Daily. Day 253. September 10: Let each of us please his neighbor.

Yes, union with Christ is indeed liberty. It is freedom. But real freedom in Christ is the freedom to NOT exercise my freedom. Real freedom is the ability to put love above liberty. To bind my liberty with love’s demand – the demand of the life of Christ that calls for self-sacrifice and submission to the conscience of my brothers and sisters. This is the law of love. This is Christ in me. This is “to live is Christ.”

November 28, 2020. Day 333: Let us.

How do you live when your conscience is finally clear? Faith, hope, and love. Unwavering hope in eternal life earned for us by Christ, and given to us in Christ. Fully assured faith ever drawing us toward our faithful God with all confidence. And thoughtful love that purposefully moves us toward each other in courage and kindness. This is the religion free life. This is Christ’s church. This is “to live is Christ.”

November 24, 2020. Day 329: By means of his own blood.

This is the result of the Christ event – all who are in Christ are will live every day, forever, in the glory of Christ’s once-for-all-time redemption. We will live every day, forever, with a clear conscience, knowing we are freed from all the guilt of our dead works and freed unto all the true humanity of serving the living God. We will spend every day, forever, in “to live is Christ.”

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