May 26, 2020. Day 147: This is my blood of the covenant.

“To live is Christ” is to sit at the Lord’s table and partake of all the benefits of his life and his death. His forgiveness. His suffering. His resurrection. His cleansing. His acceptance. His inheritance. In Christ we have taken it all into our being. Now our life of suffering is fellowship, not appeasement. Our partaking has become our participation. To choose to love, to choose to sacrifice for another, is to feast on Christ until that day we feast with Christ new in the kingdom of God.

February 11, 2020. Day 42: Man does not live by bread alone.

The wilderness is a gift of God’s grace. It is God’s love for us that leads us there. For it is there that our hearts are exposed by our hunger. It is there that we find Jesus waiting with his infinite love and grace wanting to truly satisfy our heart’s hunger. It is in the wilderness that we find that Jesus is more precious to us than anything this temporal world can offer. It is in the wilderness that “to live is Christ.”