TLIC Daily. day 250. September 7: Let love be genuine.

“To live is Christ” will do the same for others. It will sacrifice, even the relationship itself if necessary, in order to fight evil. And it will sacrifice its own life to cling to whatever good is there, no matter how small it may be. How is this possible? Because you have the genuine love of God in you through your union with Christ. You have his knowledge of good and evil. You have his life.

June 19, 2020. Day 171: Taught by God to love.

“To live is Christ” tells us two important truths about our love. It is a brotherly love. It should feel normal and natural to love others. Love is born into us. And it is also being “taught to us” by God himself. The Holy Spirit. Christ in us. The Trinity’s love for one another teaching us what our love can and should look like in our churches, homes, communities, and beyond.