About this blog

Hi, my name is Pastor Brady Wolcott, and welcome to To Live Is Christ.

Have you ever wondered what it means that we are “in Christ,” and that Christ is “in us?” Have you given any thought to what it means to live the Christian life? Is it just about being good and nice? Is it about answering the question “what would Jesus do?”

I’m convinced that our union with Christ is the meaning of life. It is the answer to every question and the source of all wisdom and power. I am also convinced that most of us (including me) have only scratched the surface of what this truth really means. And so I am on a journey to understand union with Christ more and more, and thus to know him more and more. The real him. The historic Jesus and the cosmic Christ.

This is a place to explore what it means for us as Christians to live from the indwelling life of Christ. Union with Christ is our hope for the future, our freedom from the past, and our life in the present. Come explore with me what it means to have Christ alive in you!