April 24, 2020. Day 115: The Holy Spirit will come upon you.

“To live is Christ” means we have the mighty rushing wind of God’s Spirit in us. But the incarnation tells us that that mighty whirlwind is now the simple breath of a baby. The Spirit that separated seas and rushed in and out of temples is now swaddled in the manger of our hearts. God’s presence now found in the welcoming grace of baby. The power of our union with Christ now found in the humble faith of a child.

April 21, 2020. Day 112: In him was life.

“To live is Christ” means that Jesus is far more than our example for how to live. He IS our life. We are made alive by our union with his life and we live from our union with his life. This is abundant life, for it is the life of grace and freedom. No longer must we figure life out. No longer must we self-actualize. No. Life has been lived for us by Jesus, and now it is lived through us by Jesus. And together with Jesus we will live in love forever.

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